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Just the Beginning

The start of a new day is aways "Just the Beginning".

Sunrise at Font's Point in the Anza Borrego State Park Badlands

In life, whether it be personal or on our career path, we often find ourselves having to reacquire our bearing. Sometimes it's a matter of a simple redirect. Other times we need to find our way back to the path. Or, we discover, our desired path has changed.

Keep dreaming big, folks.

Tips for staying motivated:

1. Put pen to paper and write out your goals, your path and your next steps.

2. Look for inspiration in others. Find the people out there that are following their dreams and are sharing their experiences. Whether locally or online - the world is full of people doing wonderful things.

3. Realize that "failures" are not the end of the story. Don't be afraid of them. Learn, learn and learn some more.

We're all in the middle of our journey, but today is always just the beginning.

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